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6 Great Local Advertorials as Marketplaces for Publishers to launch in 2021


Smartico’s “Smart Marketplace” are a great tool to build vertical niche marketplaces that are relevant to readers and advertisers and replace purely print or print-to-online advertorials.

Each vertical marketplace consists of

  • a homepage for each topic (e.g. “Smart Home”, “Garden & Wellness”, “Camping”, “BBQ”, etc.)
  • 5-10 categories within each topic that can exclusively be sponsored by one advertiser (sales product 1)
  • editorial content on the topic provided by the publisher or Smartico
  • branded content for advertisers (sales product 2)
  • local marketplace profiles of local and regional advertisers (sales product 3)


Smart Marketplaces is the best product to transform strong local relations to local advertisers into intuitive digital revenue by offering …

  • short marketplace profiles for free or 99€ in self service for the advertisers
  • extended marketplace profiles including e-commerce option and more for 400€+ in full service by Smartico in your name
  • category sponsorings for 5-10 categories per topic for 1.000€+ in full service by Smartico in your name
  • main sponsors for each topic at 3.000€+


Our winter and XMas markets in 2020 clearly showed that business model for around 20 German speaking newspapers making up to 25.000€ digital local revenues in 2 weeks or less of sales time in the middle of the 2nd big lock down in Germany.


You need a few ideas about potential vertical marketplaces to do in 2021?

See some inspirations from other newspapers here:


1. Smart Home


2. Garden & Wellness


3. Spring Market


4. BBQ


5. Job Training


6. Regional Delicatessen


Smart marketplaces can be a cornerstone in the platform strategy of local publishers as it …

  • empowers local merchants to local ecommerce
  • provides relevant (shopable) content for readers
  • creates subscription revenues with advertisers
  • excites sales teams with an intuitive sales product
  • focuses sales teams on 1 niche at a time

… can be easily tested at no financial risk thanks to the special revenue-based business model of Smartico!


Wanna know more?

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