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Smart Ads:
Sell small-sized local digital campaigns at scale and with profit

“Smart Ads” offers its clients best-in-class full-service banner creation, landing page design, intuitive performance dashboards and sales trainings for display advertising campaigns at scale.

“Smart Ads” takes the URL or a print ad of an advertisers as a “mini briefing” which is enriched with web data from the advertiser’s homepage, Google Places entry, official social media profiles, etc. to build a high performing carousel ad with integrated landing page without any need of additional briefing by sales teams or advertiser.

“Smart Ads” is fully integrated into all publisher systems and receives print ads via various interfaces directly from the production systems, builds ads and landing pages in less than 24 hours, and returns back ad tags or directly books the campaign in the ad server or pushes the campaign into the DFP. Furthermore “Smart Ads” can push ads directly in self booking tools for longtail customers to increase adoption rate of those systems.

Smart Ads
Smart Ads
Smart Ads
Smart Ads

The core of “Smart Ads” is not only best-value-for-money banner production but also a proven real-life sales system that make each and every publisher’s sales rep able to sell digital campaigns as upsell or auto-bundle. Smartico trains selling “Smart Ads” at scale to reach 100s of display ads per months at eCPMs of more than 15€.

At the end each and every advertising client receives an intuitive visual dashboard – not only showing the ad based on the print source or URL – but also explains the value of online advertising in a way that longtail advertisers can relate to: no CTRs and CPCs that local advertisers don’t use in everyday life but attention through time-spent on page, clicks on contact buttons, active swipes, etc.

Clients of Smartico use “Smart Ads” to

  • sell more longtail SME display advertising than ever before
  • optimise the eCPM on their pages
  • populate self-booking tools for longtail customers
  • relieve internal banner teams from demanding SME customers to fully focus on online-only campaigns for key accounts
  • inspire SME customers to become online-only customers after experiencing the ease-of-use of digital campaigns and their performance for the first time.
  • make 6-digit more annual revenue that is profitable and not only inspires the SME advertisers but also the sales teams that finally have a great product for their SME clients.


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Smartico GmbH
Attilastr. 16,
D-12529 Schönefeld
registered in Cottbus with HRB 15640 CB
MD: Christian Scherbel, Simon Kriener

Smart Ads International OOD
53-55 Blvd Gen. Totleben,
BG-1606 Sofia
registered in Sofia with UIC 205388683
MD: Nikolay Lazarov, Christian Scherbel


In Smartico´s blog and newsletter we inform you about the latest trends in local and regional advertising. We present best practices from over 200 publishers, and share ideas, inspiration and recipes for success on which advertising concepts can be used convincingly and profitably for you and your SME advertisers.