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Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- June 2022

Please find the most important news for advertising executives in the news publishing industry that want to make money with advertising online, offline and cross-media.

Here’s what we saw and what you should know:

1) An optimistic outlook in 7 charts from the World Press Trends Report 2022

? Digital remains the key revenue driver for growth.  Publishers are becoming digital hubs and they are
transitioning to become a better partner in life.  For 2021/2022, publishers reported a 16.5% increase in
digital ad revenue and a 14.3% increase in digital readership revenue.
? Print is not yet done. Whilst print saw a significant drop-off in revenue and circulation of 13% in 2020,
the more relaxed restrictions around the pandemic have allowed for a mini pickup of print products. Print circulation
still makes up $54.6 billion of publishing’s overall revenue.
? Publishers are positive about their digital transformation and the future. Exactly 49.1% consider themselves to
be at an advanced or very advanced stage of their digital transformation compared to their market or region.

Download the full report here: Report: World Press Trends Outlook 2021-2022

2) Why it might be time to think again about print: Mr Magazine Samir Husni on the format’s remarkable resilience

The number of new print magazines launched in the US rose once again in 2021, with 134 new titles exploring some very niche areas.
There is also a growth of the bookazine – high-end magazines that come with premium price tags yet are loved by enthusiasts and collectors.
According to the media guru and founder of  The Magazine Media Center Samir Husni, “magazines are the best reflectors of society. They are the book of record when it comes to the history of pop culture.”

3) How should publishers rethink reader revenue in a changing world?

A recent media innovation conference Newsrewired featured a panel with industry experts from FT Strategies, the Guardian, Sifted and Tortoise. Even though these companies are leaders by a number of paid members and already reached their subscription goals, they share concerns due to rising inflation meaning increased costs for the print business and for working with tech platforms at the same time as consumers may be rethinking their subscriptions.  Different strategies should be used for different audiences.  Content, pricing or brand? Have a read and find out.

4)  ‘Your copy should read like a WhatsApp message’: How to create content for and with Gen Z

A recent research shows the increasing appetite for news amongst Gen Z (under 23) audiences. Traditional news organisations still find it hard to make the smooth transition into social media as there are many tricky points. For example, choosing the right social media language. Three speakers (BBC, NEED TO KNOW, JOE Media) shared their ideas . “There’s this real tension right now where people are trying, we’re all trying, to square the circle and trying to get the content for young people and make money but it’s a very, very difficult thing to do at the moment.” – Warren Nettleford, co-founder, NEED TO KNOW

5) Publisher audio revenue is up 500% amid podcast ‘golden age’

The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) and Deloitte performed a recent research on audio. According to the Digital Publishers’ Revenue Index (DPRI) revenue hit £4.2m in the first quarter of this year. This was six times what they made in the first quarter of 2021. Podcasts are currently booming in the UK and US, and they are providing an audience  for advertising which brands are flocking towards. The most successful will naturally attract advertisers, with the increase in programmatic ads behind the aforementioned predicted growth around the world.

How to unlock millions in ‘smart’ digital revenue from smallest print advertisers

SponsoredPress Gazette performed an analysis on how 4 publishers make “millions in smart digital revenue from small print advertisers”.

TX Group from Switzerland, for example, realised that it needed to improve its digital ad offering. With a focus on quality over volume, the group served an average of 5,000 ad impressions for €99, so a rate of roughly €20 eCPM. For 2022 they are expecting for their capacity to climb to 100 adverts per title after the first three months, with 100 Smart Ads at €100-400 each adding up to €250,000 in extra ad revenue in the first year alone.

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