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Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- February 2022

Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- February 2022

Please find the most important news for advertising executives in the news publishing industry that want to make money with advertising online, offline and cross-media.

Here’s what we saw and what you should know:

1) According to Reuters Institute’s Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2022 report publishers are sticking to their core products and service and trying to improve them. Fewer risks more focus on the own strengths.

2) “Better opportunities for both engagement and monetization”: Publishers prioritizing audio/video innovation in 2022

This will be a year of careful consolidation for the industry that has been both disrupted and galvanized by the drawn-out COVID-19 crisis.  After a period where digital advertising revenue has leaked away to giant platforms, publishers have an opportunity to secure better results this year.  News leaders will put more resources into audio, newsletters, and digital video in 2022.  Audio is being prioritized over other formats as publishers see better opportunities for both engagement and monetization with it.

3) Local and regional newspapers increased display ad sales 300% during the pandemic

Premium content motivates audiences to use our products more intensively than they do without premium content.” –  Thomas Schultz-HombergCEO of DuMont, Germany.
Three regional papers from Germany incorporated a longtail strategy of selling display ads during the pandemic with a successful outcome.  Most publishers still rely on the numerous small print ads in their newspapers as a key advertising revenue stream, however many of them embrace the idea of extending those offerings digitally to add value and get more revenue.

4) Regional publishers prints front page QR codes in bid to promote video content

JPIMedia  is featuring QR codes on some of its front pages ,offering added value to its digital subscribers. “We’re producing more original video than ever before – from daily news bulletins and live incident reporting to football coverage, podcasts, lifestyle packages and monthly features.” – James TrembathDigital Production Editor

Read more about a local publisher that very successfully combined print & online by transforming its regional advertorials into digital profit centers

5) Advertising forecast for 2022: Omicron triggers strong budget growth

According to The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising /IPA/ advertisers lowered their budgets for audio, print, and online outlets in the last quarter of 2021. Video had the best growth in the final quarter of 2021. The IPA also foresees growth of 1.3%, 2.3%, and 2.5% in 2024, 2025, and 2026 respectively.

6) Events & sponsorships: A revenue game-changer for 2022

Traditional revenue flows are still relevant, but sometimes still not sufficient to support the newspapers in their transition from a print to a digital business model. Organizing and hosting events and sponsorships helped local newspapers in the USA to increase their revenues and also create opportunities for local businesses to engage with organizations and the public.

7) Google to pay more regional newspapers in the U.K. for content 

Last year the tech giant launched Google News Showcase, a new service that involves the company presenting content chosen by publishers. This feature gives readers the opportunity to read more of a publisher’s content than they would otherwise have access to while enabling publishers to encourage readers to become a subscriber. Around 120 publications from all over the United Kingdom signed up to the program.

Additional Read: How “News Verlag” generates scalable hyperlocal advertising revenues. – Smartico

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