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Smartico Executive News Service Advertising- April 2022

Please find the most important news for advertising executives in the news publishing industry that want to make money with advertising online, offline and cross-media.

Here’s what we saw and what you should know:

INMA (International News Media Association) published an impressive list of 333 nominations for the 2022 Global Media Awards. That is great in terms of innovations that other publishers are driving but impossible to handle if you wanna make some serious advertising dollars in the meantime.

That is why we worked through the list for you and found the

7 Best Revenue Generators from 333 Finalists

1) Bergens Tidende from Norway allied with news automation specialists United Robots in order to cover local businesses. The main objective of the partnership was for readers to accept automated content as plain journalism. The Local Business Bot imitates the whole spectrum of journalism – and on top of that, it is hyperlocal. The Bot became a massive success with subscribers and builds a unique database.

You can read the whole article here

2)  Kleine Zeitung from Austria invented an Online Festival.  The main objective of the event was to support the cultural scene and generate registrations & page view counts. The newspaper combined different communication channels to reach a broad audience: editorial coverage, social media (paid campaign + organic posts), classic ads (print + online), cooperation partners (Soundportal, Futter, Campus 02). The newspaper reached all goals. The concert article is the most successful article to date on the website of Kleine Zeitung and at 31%, the watch rate is in the top third of all live streams and videos.

You can read the whole article here

3) Converting Local Print Advertisers into Digital Campaigns at Scale
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Medien from Germany is nominated at the INMA Global News Awards 2022 with their solution to make more profitable ad revenues with local advertisers and offer intuitive online products to their SMB clients.

The publisher started a product called “Smart Ads” and managed to get the following results:
– 100s of new ads per month
– Higher click rates
– Easy print-to-digital conversion
– More profitable online revenues at scale

More info: Smart Ads – Intuitive But Scalable Digital Entry Product for Local SMBs

If you want to make digital revenues for your regional newspaper or magazine just contact our founder, Christian:
✉️[email protected]

4) Russmedia from Austria invented the children’s book “Hanna smiles” which focuses on the future and the environment for kids. The book is distributed through different projects with nursery schools, libraries, schools and of course different marketing campaigns where they are sent out as gifts.  The publisher managed to attract 10 sponsors and was printed 20,000 strong in its first edition.

You can read the whole article here

5) Newsday, a company based in the USA, launched a new initiative featuring inspiring stories about regular individuals called Faces of Long Island. To promote engagement with a younger, more diverse audience, Newsday Consumer Marketing rolled out the project using social media, with stories appearing on dedicated Instagram and Facebook pages.  In 2021, Faces of Long Island steadily built 24.8K loyal followers who are passionate about the content. The campaign has driven a high level of shares and likes on Instagram and Facebook which helped them get better branding awareness with an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 70.

You can read the whole article here

6) Västerbottens-Kuriren Media from Sweden has a long term goal to develop a platform for personalization driven by a mission to create a news service that is relevant to all subscribers regardless of where they live or what interests they have, covering 12 different municipalities consisting of one large one.
In order to get a higher audience, the data team started to gather and cluster behavioural data and formed logic for relevant user clusters. That feature was called “Power Puff”. Combining the feature with some adjustments for the article recommendations made the CTR (click-through rate) increase greatly.

You can read the whole article here

7) Press On from Atlanta, USA launched a strategic brand repositioning. The Sales & Marketing teams reimagined all external and internal brand touchpoints using the new Press On verbal and visual identity system to work together in unison to lift the Press On banner. From house ads in the print edition to digital ads to newsletters, social channels, consumer acquisition collateral – everything is now on brand and works to emphasize Press On. As a result, 610.9M impressions were served in the Atlanta district. Active digital subscriptions increased by 48%. AJC consumption has increased over time for the general market panel. There were notable increases in AJC print (28% baseline, 38% Q3) and website readership (25% baseline, 35% Q3).

You can read the whole article here

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Happy selling!


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