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Smart Marketplace:
Local E-commerce Marketplaces for Local Merchants, Readers & Publishers

“Smart Marketplaces” allows publishers and strong regional brand to build their own fully digital local marketplaces that allows local merchants and advertisers to …

  • … prominently showcase their company and products in an attractive native environment (“brand building” – “top of funnel”), as well as
  • … effectively sell their products online through as super simple to use e-commerce storefront for merchants with and without existing online shops (“online sales” – “bottom of funnel”).

“Smart Marketplaces” is an optimised full-service product that includes

  • technology (frontend and full backoffice for the advertiser) but also
  • marketing to build up sustainable traffic for the advertisers, and
  • sales teams that support in closing local merchants at scale

“Smart Marketplace” can be fully run as a rev-share model between publisher and Smartico with both parties selling the product to a well-defined set of target customers without interference.

“Smart Marketplaces” includes a few well-thought-out features as “secret sauce” that make it so successful in local markets. That includes

  • vertical niche marketplaces on top of the general marketplace to drive sales and traffic focus, as well as sell exclusive sponsoring packages
  • intelligent subscription-based offerings at low entry barriers with full service to the advertisers in creating the profiles
  • innovative technology to build e-commerce storefronts for local merchants with and without own online-shops at ease and at scale – and even offer attractive digital solutions for local “non ec-om clients” like bakeries, car dealers, etc.
  • seamless integration into print extensions, display campaigns, feature upsells, SEO hubs, etc.

Clients of Smartico use “Smart Marketplace” to

  • build local e-commerce marketplaces in their regions
  • set up local marketplace profiles at scale and w/o overhead
  • help local advertisers to stand out with attractive native advertising products
  • generate online sales for local merchants with and without online shops
  • keep national marketplace competitors like Ebay out of their markets
  • create a sustainable platform and base for all advertisers
  • transform the advertising business to digital-first and digital-only
  • generate sales w/o own resources through our “sales-as-a-service” model


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registered in Cottbus with HRB 15640 CB
MD: Christian Scherbel, Simon Kriener

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