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Case Study : How German free sheet “Wochenblatt Reporter” uses reporting dashboards for cross-media ad campaigns to increase digital upsellings for their job market.

Case Study : How German free sheet "Wochenblatt Reporter" uses reporting dashboards for cross-media ad campaigns to increase digital upsellings for their job market.

About Wochenblatt Reporter: With a weekly print circulation of almost 1.1 million copies for 16 local editions, German publisher “SÜWE” became a leader in providing digital local news for South-Western German regions of “Pfalz” and “North Badenia”. One of their issues, Wochenblatt, launched their online portal on 2018 transforming it in into a fast growing regional internet service.

Challenge: Despite successful sales of online ads in the job market portal, there was no transparency on digital performance for the sales team as well as for the advertisers. The main goal was to create a transparent and simple sales product with understandable data for both media consultants and advertisers.

Solution : With “Smart Job Board” from Smartico, SÜWE was able to roll out the job portal to all weekly issues and within 6 weeks, providing automatically generated dashboards for each job ad, showing both advertisers and media consultants the performance values of their campaign. The dashboard focussed on numbers that are intuitive and clear for the recipients. Core of the dashboards thus are “attention” and “increase of reach from print into online” instead of complex new digital-only KPIs like “click-through rates”.

Result: Wochenblatt managed to keep, maintain and strengthen personal contact with local advertisers by directly sending the dashboards to them on behalf of the media consultants.

“By sending automatic dashboards, we report the performance values of several hundred digital ads with several million impressions to our sales team every month without any effort.“ Alexander Gieger, Head of Digital Marketing SÜWE.

You want to read the complete case study and see the dashboards for yourself?

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