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Case Study: How „Der Tagesspiegel“ digitises their magazines to increase existing revenues and convert new advertisers.

Case Study: How „Der Tagesspiegel“ digitises their magazines to increase existing revenues and convert new advertisers.

An important part of Tagesspiegel’s growth strategy is the publication of new magazines for relevant target groups. Besides their magazines “Berliner” (lifestyle magazine), “Genuss-Guide” (food guide) and “Landpartie” (rural lifestyle), “Tagesspiegel” reaches over 110,000 sports enthusiasts of all ages with its “Urban Running” and “Urban Sports” series. Until now, however, the magazines were designed as pure print magazines and were included free of charge with every copy of the “Tagesspiegel”.

“Der Tagesspiegel” now digitises its magazines by using “Smart Magazines” and now offers its advertisers and readers alike a high-quality digital extension of its issue. As a result of the new cross-media offering, one of the biggest sports companies in the world was signed as the magazine’s main sponsor for the first time which had previously not been possible by the print-only offering. At the same time existing clients did buy into the online mark-up offered by the sales teams of “Der Tagesspiegel”.

A further great result for the teams at “Der Tagesspiegel” was the high level of reader acceptance. More than 2 minutes or reading time per articles were a clear statement that the extra mile was worth the efforts.

Moreover not only readers but also machines in the form of Google liked the opening issue of “Urban Running” so much that the first magazines from 2018 became a real evergreen, which still generates significant traffic via search engines, and builds on the overall SEO authority of “Der Tagesspiegel” for sport in the big city.

“We are clearly generating more profitable sales with our magazines and positioning ourselves as a competitive digital partner to our advertisers” says Philipp Nadler, Head of Advertising of Der Tagesspiegel.

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